When it’s time for my week in workouts, recap style: Vol. III

Ohhhhhh, dear. Last week.

Last week feels like a blur. Or, more accurately, like something I can’t even remember — probably because I blocked it out. I had a horrendous weekend in which I felt the lowest of the low because I decided to stop trying to push it and make it to the half-marathon on Sunday. The race I had planned on running since April was to be about four hours away from me, which in theory is not bad at all. But, in reality, given the unreliability of Thai public transportation (think: songthaew to pick up a van on the side of the road; van to the BTS; BTS + MRT + city bus to the bus station; bus to town; taxi or who knows what to packet pick-up; taxi or who knows what back to my guesthouse an hour away), and given the fact that I had some work assignments sprung on me last-minute, and given the fact that I didn’t get back to my house until 9 PM on Friday night (and still had to pack, finish several grad school assignments, and get a good night’s sleep before leaving at 8 AM the next day), it just was not going to happen. Despite ALL MY CAREFUL PLANNING AND PREPARATION. Ugh. I can’t really talk about it.

So let’s just jump right into the recap, shut our eyes, and try to move on. There will be other half-marathons, there will be other half-marathons . . .

Monday, September 8     |     Yoga
60-minute Gentle Flow class at the gym.

Tuesday, September 9     |     Run
I ran 45 minutes on the treadmill and pretty much enjoyed it!

Wednesday, September 10     |     Run
Again, I hit up the treadmill and ran 30 minutes this time.

Thursday, September 11     |     Rest
I started powering down with rest days in preparation for the race . . .

Friday, September 12     |     Rest 
Ditto. (Also, I got the best massage ever in preparation. I regret the no race bit, obviously. I do not regret the massage — it was not at all wasted.)

Saturday, September 13 – Sunday, September 14     |     Wallowing in self-pity 

Over and out! We’re on to bigger and better things this week. AKA back to running when I’m not buried under an insurmountable pile of grading and exam-writing . . .


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