When I let you snoop around my house

All right, all right, it’s not snooping. I’m not going to open up my drawers or show you the spare room where I keep only my cat’s litter box. But I am going to let you in for a little bit of a first-timer’s peek inside my house. After all, it’s only been eleven months since I moved in (!) . . .

Starting from the top left, we have a view of the neighborhood as seen from my teeny-tiny balcony. I took this photo at sunset way back in May when I was doing the #100HappyDays challenge, and apart from the “duh” beauty of the sunset, I particularly think it contributed to my #100HappyDays because I’ve always, always wanted to live somewhere with multi-colored houses all along the street — and here it is, in Thailand!

Next up is a close-up of the front door (and my umbrella — after all, it is rainy season). Of all the things that Thailand knows how to do right, making beautiful doors is one of them.

The far left photo in the middle row is the majority of the downstairs space. Though you’ll have to squint to really attempt a snoop, I’ll tell you that apart from that fantastic geometric rug and oh-so-comfy sofa, there’s a scratching post for Aggie (so that she’ll let the sofa be), a fridge and trashcan, two shelves smushed together to hold all the food paraphernalia, Aggie’s food and water bowls, and the door to the “backyard” (which is actually just a rectangular patch of cement). Apart from the rug and the sofa, my other two favorite parts of the downstairs are the yellow bit you can see hanging on the wall (a traditional Lanna flag picked up in Chiang Rai — and there’s an orange one unpictured) + the glass coffee table. Bonus information: I’ve got two magnetic quotes from Barnes & Noble on my fridge, and they’re ones I’ve carried with me everywhere I’ve lived since college. One is by Emerson and the other is a favorite from Alice in Wonderland.

Then there’s a snippet of the bed with a very, very well-loved elephant tapestry from Laos hanging above it. I say “well-loved” because kitten claws finally got to it, so it was taken down not too long ago: 1) Aggie pulled it down in the middle of the night and 2) it’s not ruined by any means, but I’d rather preserve it for safe-keeping than use 35 more Command strips trying to hang it back up again!

The remaining four photos are all different sections of the room I’ve come to call, simply, “the desk room.” It’s not an office since I don’t work from home — and sometimes I go a full week without spending much time in there at all — and it’s pretty small, so there’s not room for much other than the desk. So, then, why all the photos? Well, it’s a teeny room, so it’s basically impossible to capture every bit in one go, but I also really love it. I think it’s the room I love most, in fact. Almost everything is from Ikea: the desk, the paintings, the coffee table, the rugs. I just love the cozy and eclectic feel it has, what with a really gorgeous candle and a too-cute-for-its-own-good elephant bookend, a few maps of places I’ve visited around Thailand, the succulents, and some shells I’ve picked up while traveling. (Oh yeah, and my grad school books from last month are there too.) The window in here is really great too — it has the same design as the downstairs door, and it lets in a lot of beautiful natural light. Insider scoop: Nora the hedgehog has a new set-up (unpictured) in one corner. This room’s a winner. 

I hope you enjoyed this little house tour! For those of you with spaces bigger than an apartment, tell me what you do to keep your house an inspiring place — as well as what you to do keep yourself from going crazy because it never stays clean! It really is one of the craziest things to me (along with time flies the older you get) — you clean one thing, and something else gets dirty; you clean that, something else gets dirty; and by the time you’ve finished, you’re back at square one and it’s time to clean everything all over again. Harumph. 


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