When it’s time for my week in workouts, recap style: Vol. IV

Monday, September 15     |     Rest

I’d already scheduled a rest day for Monday back when I’d assumed I’d have run a half-marathon the day before. If you read last week’s recap, then you know it didn’t quite pan out that way. (UGH still.) Obviously I can adjust my workout schedule, but I just didn’t this time around.

Tuesday, September 16     |     Run + Yoga

I had a great three-mile run on the treadmill and then, later on that night, did my favorite YogaDownload session at home. It’s called Simple and Sweet Yoga Flow, and it’s 20 minutes long. I keep it saved in my iTunes to use at my leisure (which is obviously pretty frequently).

Wednesday, September 17     |     Run

My theory at the moment is, “So what that I couldn’t run the half last weekend? Why not jump into a full-on marathon training plan?” So that’s what I’m doing, pretty much with the mental concession that if I don’t actually end up running a marathon in the coming months and all I do is successfully train for one (like what happened with the half), then I’ll be okay with that. More than okay — proud of myself! So I’d scheduled a 7-mile run for Wednesday. However, since last week was incredibly exhausting (what with it being our last teaching week before final exams), I could barely even keep my eyes open on the treadmill (literally — I’m not even kidding). If I’m remembering correctly, I ran somewhere between 5 and 6 miles and then power-walked the rest of the way on an incline.

Thursday, September 18     |     Run + Yoga

Same deal, except this time it was a four-mile run that I could barely keep my eyes open for. Same YogaDownload session at home later on, mostly because my legs felt robotic they were so stiff and uncomfortable.

Friday, September 19     |     Rest

An incredibly glorious rest day!

Saturday, September 20     |     Cross-training

For last week’s cross-training day, I chose to cycle (my first time ever at this gym) for 45 minutes. I’m convinced that the settings are wrong on pretty much all of the gym equipment — but since that sounds ridiculous, I’m probably wrong — so I’m not quite sure how far I cycled. All I know is that the machine showed 16 kilometers by the end of the 45 minute-period, and my butt was suuuper sore when I stood up. A good workout though!

Sunday, September 21     |     Long run 

I’d intended to wake up very early and run half-marathon distance outside before the 100-degree heat hit, but I was so incredibly exhausted that that definitely didn’t happen. Instead, I opted for a ten-mile run on the treadmill around noon with pizza as a late lunch / reward afterwards. Awesome. I ate a huge, delicious salad for dinner, so in my mind, everything balanced out.

I’m pretty much ecstatic now that it’s final exams week. The past ten days were awful what with lack of sleep, writing and submitting final exams for approval, giving final exams early to four of my classes, and submitting all of the grades I have so far to the admin. (Which, let’s be honest, was more like playing with calculations in Excel since students can’t fail — any assignment, any quiz, any exam, any class. . . . ) But final exams week means that teachers’ sole responsibilities are to be in the office or to proctor exams as assigned. Glorious.

In other news, I submitted my first project for one grad school class on Saturday. My other (online) class has been going on for three weeks now, and it involves weekly reading and posting in discussion forums. Crazy that this is what my life is now!

Sizzlin' Friday night working on my project.
Sizzlin’ Friday night working on my project.

What have you been up to? How was your week in workouts? 


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