When I’m Back from Three Weeks of Crazy

So, where have I been? Let’s see if you guessed correctly.

Phetchaburi, Thailand
Phetchaburi, Thailand
St. Petersburg, Russia (and Moscow!)
St. Petersburg, Russia (and Moscow!)
Chiang Rai, Thailand
Chiang Rai, Thailand

and also Chiang Mai, Thailand!

(All photos taken from Google Images.)

To give you some geographical background in case you’re not familiar with the Thai cities I mentioned, Phetchaburi is located in one of the central provinces and is about 75 miles southwest of Bangkok. Chiang Rai is located in northern Thailand and is about two and a half hours northeast of Chiang Mai (which is also in northern Thailand). Russia, of course, you know from world maps and globes. 🙂

I absolutely loved Phetchaburi despite only having time for a weekend there. Russia was . . . interesting. I spent nine full days there with one of my best friends who’s been working in St. Petersburg since August. The cold weather (snow! ice! wind chill!) and not-gushing-with-smiles-and-kindness culture were a shock to my system coming from Thailand. Then it was back to Chiang Mai to celebrate Songkran (Thai New Year), a three-day, country-wide water fight during the hottest month of the year. And, finally, I traveled up to Chiang Rai for a few days to finish off my summer vacation.

I’ll be updating you more thoroughly in upcoming posts about each location! But, for now, this is your teaser.

Since I know it’s not summer everywhere in the world right now, I’ll just ask this: What are your upcoming vacation/weekend getaway plans, regardless of season? Anything exciting on the horizon?


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