When I Pack for 3 Journeys in a Row

So, what’s the plan? 

1. A weekend (in-country) trip
–> one day later <–
2. A long-haul, cold weather vacation
–> one day later <–
3. A semi-long (in-country) trip during the hottest month of the year 

And how in the world am I going to pack for it? 

Well, first off, I have recently become obsessed with What’s in My Carryon and What’s in My Checked Bag videos on YouTube. Why? No clue. Maaaybe because I’m nosy, and maaaaybe because it’s getting me excited about my upcoming travels. Who knows! Whatever! But these are my favorites, AKA the most helpful and enjoyable-to-watch ones: My Travel Bag Essentials, What’s In My Suitcase?, and Travel Essentials & Organization. (And one particularly wonderful blog post by a couple who took a six-month, traveling honeymoon!)

Based on these videos, I’m adding some quite “girly” things to my packing lists. One of these is a face mask! I’m actually planning to bring two on my cold weather vacation: one to apply on the plane on the way there and the second to apply on the return flight. I’m doing this to help my face retain the moisture that airplane air so loves to dry right out. Another “girly” item that I’ll be bringing is a travel-size, DIY, leave-in conditioner. You can make this by mixing one-part deep conditioner with one-part water in a travel-size spray bottle and then shaking the mixture up. I plan to spritz this on the ends of my hair whenever it’s feeling dry during my flights (because airplane air sucks the moisture out of hair too!). 

My main plan is to DO LOTS OF LAUNDRY during those one-day periods of time between return and departure. 

But, really, my plan goes something like this: 

1. For my weekend (in-country) trip, I will take my knock-off North Face backpack and will jam two outfits, pajamas, makeup, and toiletries into it, along with my chargers, a small purse, sunglasses, and a book. It’ll look pretty similar to that time when I packed a backpack for a 13-day vacation, just with less clothes.

2. For my long-haul, cold weather vacation, I will take a medium-size duffel bag (carry-on size) because I hate checking bags and want to avoid it, especially on international flights. It is SO nice a) to not have to wait for your bag to come through (or not) on the carousel and b) to be able to waltz right on through customs instead of, again, having to wait for your bag. So! I’ll be packing one pair of lace-up shoes, my running shoes, two running outfits, a handful of leggings and sweaters, pajamas, two tanks for layering underneath the sweaters, jeans, a zip-up hoodie, and my usual other items: makeup, toiletries (divided into two bags based on liquids that will need to go through security separately versus non-liquids), chargers, yadayada. 

3. For my semi-long (in-country), hot weather trip, I will take my backpack! It’s really the easiest thing for me to take when it comes to in-country travel. In Thailand, you never know when you’ll need to hop on a motorcycle taxi or squeeze into close quarters on a minivan or crowded bus, so backpacks are much easier to handle than duffle bags or hard-case suitcases. Considering that April is the hottest month of the year here and that I’ll be traveling during Songkran, I’ll be taking the same items that I took during my 13-day vacation back in October, but this time around the clothes will all be pretty grungy: t-shirts, shorts, tanks, and the like. 

Like I said, lots of laundry will be going on in-between these trips. And I’ll definitely be borrowing clothes from my best friend who lives in Cold Weather Land – because I definitely didn’t bring any with me to Thailand! 

Do you have any tips for packing / traveling? Any upcoming vacations planned? 

A mix of photos from various trips I’ve taken. Hover the pointer of your mouse over each photo to see which state/country it was taken in.

Check back during the week of April 21 for my next post!


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