When it’s time for my week in workouts, recap style: Vol. VIII

First of all, I want to apologize for not posting after Monday last week! I totally intended to, but it obviously didn’t happen. I rarely get jet lag regardless of how severe the time difference is (maybe I’ve told you guys before?), but this time around, it happened. Very weird. And, as you know if you’ve experienced jet lag, it makes you not really up for doing much of anything. Hence zero blog posts last week after flying to America. 😦

But now since it’s Monday, let’s get on to a very exciting recap of last week’s workouts!

Monday, October 13     |     Yoga
As per usual before a long flight, I did my favorite 20-minute yoga session at home.

Tuesday, October 14     |     Rest {AKA flying}
No time for workouts! I was on three different planes . . . all day . . .

Wednesday, October 15     |     Rest {AKA recovery from flying}
I landed just before midnight and — jet lagged as I was — definitely wasn’t up for my hoped-for run on Wednesday.

Thursday, October 16     |     Run
I managed to get myself out of bed in the morning for a 3-mile run around the neighborhood! Very exciting as I hadn’t run around this particular neighborhood in almost two years.

Friday, October 17     |     Run
Again, I got myself up even earlier for a 2-mile run around the neighborhood before driving to North Carolina. Check plus.

Saturday, October 18     |     Rest 
Rest day before half-marathon #2!!!

Sunday, October 19     |     Run {AKA RACE DAY!!!}
HALF-MARATHON! I ran the Bull City Race Fest in Durham, NC. (Besides the half-marathon, there were also 1-mile and 5-mile options.) It was . . . interesting, to say the least. Full race recap to come later this week, so keep your eyes peeled! Woohoo!

Mandatory pre-race photo.
Mandatory pre-race photo.

What did you get up to last week? 


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