When, no doubt about it, it’s rainy season

So, this has been happening for the past four days:

*Note: I filmed my own version of this video on Tuesday morning when I was trying to get to work, but unfortunately, I can’t upload it to WordPress. Bummer! Hence the link to this YouTube video I found from 2009 that is, yes, quite similar to this week’s occurrences.

Dramatic, right?! If you haven’t quite figured out what a song-thaew is, you get a little view from the inside of one in Pattaya at the 0:51 mark of the YouTube video above. My town didn’t have as bad of a flash flood as the one in the video, but it was getting there. I actually managed to walk all the way up my street in the pouring rain on Tuesday only to see that it was much more flood-esque on the main road that connects to my neighborhood. One of the owners of my favorite family-run restaurants on the corner pulled a chair out for me under cover from the rain, and me, three motorcycle taxi drivers, and a man who’d been shopping at the next-door convenience store just waited around for a loooong time looking at the rain. Eventually I really had to go to work (despite the restaurant owner suggesting I go back to bed). After seeing an older woman bicycling (!) through the small currents in the road, I figured that surely I could hurry across it to catch a ride to work. And I did! Oy. Rainy season.

Good thing I love rain! 🙂


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