When it’s time for my week in workouts, recap style: Vol. II

Last week was rough for me. I almost don’t even want to talk about it. Basically, my workout plans got wrecked either by sheer laziness or by things that happen #onlyinthailand. 

Monday, September 1     |     Rest
AKA all I wanted to do after work was come home, not go to the gym.

Tuesday, September 2     |     Rest 
Ditto. Ugh.

Wednesday, September 3     |     Run / Walk 
FINALLY, I got myself to the gym. I ran pretty well on the treadmill — AKA without even thinking about the fact that I was running — for the first twenty minutes and then got a near-debilitating pain in my right side, so I power-walked on an incline for the remaining thirty minutes. 

Thursday, September 4     |     Yoga + Lift 
Another Yoga Download + at-home weights workout. 

Friday, September 5     |     Angry Rest 
I especially don’t want to talk about what happened on Friday, but here we go. I took public transportation after work to the gym, psyched myself up to run, and had already changed into my workout clothes in the locker room when I realized that there were lots of small ants inside my bag. At the same time, I felt little stings all over my body and looked down only to see ants on the clothes I’d just changed into and on my skin! I had actually psyched myself up about running so much that I shook the ants off my running clothes and my bag, put the clothes back on, and planned to just move on with my life and get on the treadmill — but I kept finding ants all over me, and red patches started appearing on my skin from the bites. I was very upset by this point (I HATE ANTS) and panicky, so I hurried to get my work clothes back on and headed home. But of course public transportation was nowhere to be found, so I ended up walking the whole two miles back to my house, where I immediately showered the remaining ants off my body and crawled into bed feeling defeated. #onlyinthailand

Saturday, September 6     |     Yoga + Run 
Back in the saddle. I actually had a very productive morning: I managed to sleep 8 hours the night before yet wake up at a decent time (7 AM), vacuum the house, clean Nora’s cage, take the trash out, make a good breakfast, work on some grad school assignments, and have another Yoga Download session all before 11 AM when I left for the gym. Then I knocked out a 40-minute run (a little speedier than usual, but it was not easy-breezy — I kept checking the clock and feeling very not with it mentally), changed, and headed to lunch in the next town over. Awesome. 

Sunday, September 7     |     Run + Lift
Another very rough day like Friday. I woke up, packed my gym bag, and changed into my running clothes, all geared up and excited to get on the treadmill for my last long run before the half-marathon! . . . only to find that it was raining and that public transportation was nowhere to be found. I came back home, wet and upset (I wasn’t about to walk two miles to the gym in the rain and then slip-slide all over the treadmill with my wet shoes). I ended up at the gym around mid-afternoon and only knocked out 75 minutes worth of running before I got another terrible pain in my left side and opted for power-walking on an incline for the rest of the time. Oh, well — I’m hoping for the best next weekend! (Also, later last night, I lifted some weights at home.)

How was your week in workouts? 


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