When I catch you up to speed on a few other tidbits

Your curiosity may have been peaked over a few things mentioned between my last post in May and my most recent post. (If not, no worries.) If that’s the case, and/or if you want to entertain your nosy side (I always say, don’t mind if I do), then read on.

What’s going down in Thailand? The political hub-bub in Thailand has died down considerably over the past few months. No more protests, no more curfews, no more big news headlines popping up on Twitter every other minute. 

Why did you adopt out one of your kittens? Especially one that was such an adorable counterpart (and, at that, a sibling!) to Aggie. Well, as I’ve called him before, Ivan was a menace. He howl-meowed over nothing and everything at all hours of the day. He threw his large frame against anything and everything: window screens, doors, piled dishes, wall hangings, the bag of chips I’d just opened. (At only seven months old, he’d grown to take up the entire length of a sofa cushion when stretched out.) He wailed to be let outside and wailed to come back inside, not uncommonly within seconds of the letting out / letting in. He jumped — with claws — onto your shoulders if you were bent ever so slightly to reach something in the fridge. He rarely, rarely, rarely ever wound down regardless of the hour. And, so, it was finally time. As I said in the photo caption of my last post, Agnes has adjusted really well to life without Ivan. At first I was concerned about her because she started meowing more frequently and seemed a bit restless, but over time, what’s truly come out has been a better glimpse into how quirky and devoted she is. She loves hanging out wherever I am, and it’s quite rare that she’s not either calmly snoozing or calmly staring at you with big, affectionate eyes. She’s a doll.

Can I brunch where you brunch? Yes, please. Do yourself a giant favor and take the BTS over to Thong Lor if you’re ever in Bangkok. It’s a really neat place that I’d never even thought to venture through until recently. Plus, Roast is a fantastic reward after the fifteen-minute walk from the station. Worth it.

What have you been loving lately? This, this, this, this, and this. Oh, you said loving? Whoops, I thought you said coveting.

Next up . . . a recap of my time in America!


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