When it’s time for my week in workouts, recap style: Vol. I

Monday, August 25     |     Gentle Flow
This gentle flow yoga class is hit-or-miss for me. Sometimes I find it a yawn, and other times it’s ever-so-slightly challenging and wonderfully relaxing. This time around, I found it leaned too much on the boring side to hold my interest. Afterwards I was planning to hit the treadmill for 40 minutes or so, but for some reason, my left groin muscle started killing me as soon as I started walking. No running for me.

Tuesday, August 26     |     Rest 
My muscle was still a bit painful just walking down the street, so I took the day off. 

Wednesday, August 27     |     Rest
I rested out of sheer laziness. 

Thursday, August 28     |     Run + Lift
I was so excited to be running again. Since it’s rainy season here in Thailand and my runs are getting longer (I’m using a combination of this half-marathon training plan and this one), I like to run outside when I can, but I rely on the treadmill at the gym quite a bit when the weather’s not looking so great. On this particular day, it was pretty rainy, so I made out with a 50-minute treadmill run, and it felt awesome. Strong legs and strong mind until the last ten minutes, but I kept going. Later on back at home, I did some lifting with my 5-pound weights. 

Friday, August 29     |     Run + Yoga
I only got to run two miles outside this day due to poor planning on my part. (Basically, I started running when the sun started going down, and I didn’t want to run much longer after that. Safety, street dogs, and all that.) Afterwards, I did a quick (20-minute) yoga session from Yoga Download

Saturday, August 30     |     Run
9 MILES (90 minutes) ON THE TREADMILL!!!!! I cannot tell you how amazing this run made me feel. When I used my GU (Vanilla Bean for the win!), I had all sorts of déjà vu back to my 2012 half-marathon training days, and it was wonderful. Plus it gave me an instant boost of energy which I felt strongly for the first thirty minutes, and it continued to carry me through for the remainder of my run. I don’t even know how I managed to run so far on the treadmill (I’d always considered three miles on the treadmill to be long enough!), but I’m guessing it was a completely mental thing: if Hungry Runner Girl can do it, then I can do it! Huge +’s: using the gym’s free WiFi to listen to this running playlist on Spotify and using my new Oyster app to finish one Barbara Brown Taylor book and then start another all while running nine miles. Praise alert. 

Sunday, August 31     |     Rest 

. . . and a little sneaky “what’s in my gym bag?” 
It takes me forever to pack my gym bag for Saturday morning long runs. I’m not really sure why that is, but it could be because I like to quintuple-check that I’m prepared (especially after forgetting my GU last week!). This is what I’ve evened it down to all the junk I’ve been bringing with me recently: 
1. Ziploc bag (to hold my sweaty running clothes after I’ve finished) 
2. a change of clothes 
3. toiletries bag: face wipes, deodorant, Ibuprofen, inhaler, makeup, rollerball perfume, contacts case, contacts solution, dry shampoo, glasses  
4. iPad + earphones (so that I can listen to music and also read while I run) 
5. laptop, textbook, highlighters, + pen (because I head to Starbucks afterwards for a reward + to work on grad school assignments) 
6. yoga attire (in case I’m still near the gym by the time a yoga class rolls around and I feel like working out my post-long run sore muscles)
7. wallet 
8. washcloth (because I get sweaty while running)
9. phone

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 9.52.25 PM

How was your week in workouts? What are some things that you stuff in your gym bag? 


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