When I fill you in on what I’ve been up to

Long time, no chat. For real. The last time we talked was back in May! Can you believe it? 

Well, as you can imagine, lots has occurred in the past three months. (That’s an entire season in America! I can’t even . . .) I’m stepping quite slowly and hesitantly back into the blogging world, but, regardless, I think it’s high time I filled you in.


Two friends moved back to North America
My birthday!
Chiang Mai
Lots of weekend brunch-ing


I discovered Oyster
Koh Samet 
Ivan the cat found a new home                           (Thank God.)


Silent Film Festival in Bangkok 
. . . 3 weekends in a row of Bangkok brunch-ing. 
I fell into a passionate tailspin of binge-reading Hungry Runner Girl

Pro Tip: click on each photo individually if you want to read the full caption. 

Other things to note: 

-I’ve been nonstop listening to Sleeping at Last’s album Yearbook.
-I bought into Apple even more with an iPad Mini. 
-My trip to America granted me bright pink cloud pillows that I wear on my feet (AKA Brooks running shoes which are now discontinued), and I am (obviously) totally in love.
Soap and Glory has come in all its glory (aha) to Thailand. 
-My new favorite thing ever is running on the treadmill whilst reading an Oyster download. 
-I discovered that not all lightbulbs are the same. My bathroom was the pit of darkness for a week while I went to three stores before I found a replacement bulb that fit. 
-Having Aggie as my sole kitten is just as dreamy as running in my Brooks. She is adorable, she talks to me nonstop (but in the cutest, rarely-annoying way), she sleeps by my head, she licks the comforter, and she plays fetch with the catnip toy I gifted her from America. She’s the best. 
-Speaking of animals, I’ve been revamping Nora the hedgehog’s cage yet again, and she’s proving to be a mastermind escapist. Sigh. At least she’s happier with the room to roam. 
-I’ve been absolutely loving following Estée and Aslan around on their journey throughout Scandinavia. I’ve also been loving Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup — she’s the bee’s knees!
-As far as My Week in Workouts go, I’ve decided to move away from projected workout posts and into recap territory. That means that I’ll still be posting My Week in Workouts on Mondays but that, now, it’ll be about the previous week’s workouts. Make sense? (Teaser: I’m training for a half-marathon . . .) 

So, what’s new with you? What have I missed? Fill me in! 

 PS. How do you like Powerfully Quiet’s new look? I think this one (another free WordPress theme called Sketch) fits much better than the last one (Bueno). 


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