When We’re Asking to #BringBackOurGirls

1. I apologize for only two posts last week. School spontaneously gave us six days off between our prep course for new students and the official start of the new semester, so vacation happened! 

2. I’m delaying my final travel post on account of this: 276 female Nigerian students were kidnapped two weeks ago, and the world barely responded. As global citizens have begun to hear the news more recently, though, response has taken the shape of political statements as well as the Twitter hashtags #BringBackOurGirls and #BringBackOurDaughters. I think it’s important that we stay up-to-date on this news, so I’m devoting today’s post to it with links to two summary articles: The AYG List’s “234 Nigerian Girls Kidnapped and the World Remains Silent? #BringBackOurGirls” and CNN’s “Demand for return of hundreds of abducted schoolgirls in Nigeria mounts.” 

3. I’ll be back tomorrow with my final travel post and My Week in Workouts plan. 

Please share in the comments section any updates about these students! 


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