When I Plan My Week in Workouts: Vol. V

It’s an amazing feeling when you have a successful week in workouts!! Last week I nailed my workouts. I even made it to Body Pump on Thursday! (Which kicked my butt for the second time.) šŸ™‚

I did tweak my plan on Sunday though. I scrapped Body Pump and got 3 miles running/walking in (instead of 5). After running on Thursday and then immediately going to BP, I realized that that’s just not for me. BP is too intense for me to do coupled with running. So, I’ve made an effort to both increase my mileage and get to BP this week (just not on the same day!). Here’s what I’ve come up with:

M: Core Flow
TU: Run/Walk 4 miles (R 2.5, R .5, R 1)
W: Run/Walk 5 miles (R 3, W .5, R 1.5) + Hot Flow
TH: Body Pump
F: Rest
SA: Lots of walking
SU: Run/Walk 5 miles (R 3, W .5, R 1.5)
M: Hot Flow *

* As you can see, I’ve added next Monday’s workout to this week’s plan, which is something I don’t normally do. I’ve done that because next Tuesday, I’ll be on a long-haul flight! (Details to be shared at a later date.) Since I’ll be traveling to a few very different places next month and am unable to plan most of my workouts in advance for that time period, I’m plugging next Monday’s workout into this post. Yaaaaay, vacation!! šŸ™‚

This week’s unusual bits and bobs:
1. I’ll be skipping BP on Sunday because I don’t want to be achy on the plane.
2. I’m excited to be able to make it to a morning yoga class on Monday before I leave the next day! I’ve found that whenever I can get yoga or Pilates in right before I travel, my body totally thanks me for it. It ends up feeling calm and stretched rather than tense and tight. Always my preference!

As for workouts while I travel, I’m planning on running as often as possible and dropping in on one, two, or three yoga classes, depending on what’s available in the cities I’ll be in. I’ll update you once I get back!

What is your workout plan for this week? Get after it!

PS. I’ll be posting two more times this week before vacation, so keep your eyes peeled!

This is what I'm getting myself into next week.
This is what I’m getting myself into next week.

2 thoughts on “When I Plan My Week in Workouts: Vol. V

  1. Next week is going to be so cold, but exciting! šŸ™‚ This week: the workout plan is designed to help strengthen my knees and core Sunday: Elliptical, core, lunges Monday: Rest Tuesday: Track, Eliptical, Bike, Core, Lunges Wednesday: Core Thursday: Rest (3 classes and practicum, gone 7am-9pm) Friday: Yoga šŸ™‚ Saturday: Rest (library)

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