When I Have Very Exciting News

I’ve been reading about Dream Boards today, so I suppose my head is filled with dreamy, swoony things like this: I’ve dreamed of grad school for a few years
now. (Ack, I feel so uncomfortable with the over-romanticized word
“dream.” Oh well. Dream Boards!) Granted, in the past, I’d always
thought “grad school” to be synonymous with “English Literature.” I
still have that hope. But today is A Day For Sharing Other Exciting
News. In July I’ll be starting a Masters in TESOL program! Woohoo!

[In case you’re not sure, TESOL stands for Teaching
English to Speakers of Other Languages.]

I’m so excited about this. Because 1) I’m going to school again! 2)
It’s a field-based program, so I get to keep living in Thailand and
teaching. 3) I get to meet with my cohort in-person twice a year. 4) I
get to go back to America once a year! 5) I get to go to my favorite
city in Thailand once a year! 6) I’m going to school again!

To explain a little more, the field-based program involves one-two
weeks of study on campus each summer and one-two weeks of study in
Thailand each winter. These weeks will be spent in lectures and class
discussions. Assignments will be submitted online throughout the
remainder of each semester. Several fully online classes are involved
in the program, but the majority of the classes will take place during
our in-person weeks. Yay!

I’m imagining all sorts of avocado and Chipotle binges come my trip
back to America this summer. And after that, candles and comfy clothes
and an inspiring, relaxing office space where I keep up with my
classwork back in Thailand. Yesyesyes. I have Good Feels.

I probably won’t post anymore about my program until after I’ve gotten
into it a bit this summer, but if you have any questions about it,
feel free to ask in the comments! 🙂 Have a great Wednesday!


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