When I Plan My Week in Workouts: Vol. IV

Aiiii yaiiii yaiiii. So much for getting this post out on Monday! Sorry about that. Things came up, as they have tended to do so often lately. Hence what I’ll say next: A BIG HOORAY for accomplishing every workout last week . . . except for Body Pump. Man, you guys, despite my best-laid plans, pretty much every time I’ve intended to go to Body Pump over the last two weeks, something has come up and I just haven’t made it to class on time. (Which means I haven’t gone at all. Because classes at my gym are PACKED even when you get there a few minutes early.) But, alas, what can you do. I’ll try again this week! 

M: At-home yoga
TU: Run/Walk 3.5 miles (R 1.5, W .5, R 1, W .5) 
W: Hot Flow (+ maybe an extra run – 3 miles?) 
TH: Run/Walk 3.5 miles (R 2, W .5, R 1) + Body Pump (!!!) 
F: Rest
SA: I didn’t travel anywhere last weekend, so this weekend I’m hoping to do so. Which means either a lot of walking or a lot of biking, depending on where I go.
SU: Run/Walk 5 miles (R 2.5, W .5, R 1.5, W .5 – give or take) + Body Pump 

Did you work out yesterday? What is your workout plan for the rest of the week? Don’t beat yourself up if things have gotten in the way of your best-laid plans thus far! Just do what you can to squeeze in a workout today, or tomorrow, or the next day. 🙂


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