When I Plan My Week in Workouts: Vol. III

Last week’s workout plan was a success apart from skipping Tuesday and Saturday! (Can you call that a success? I will! 🙂 ) I also chose to take my second Body Pump class tonight instead of on Thursday.

I’ve really been loving my running workouts even though they’ve been on the gym treadmill. (Who am I kidding, that’s not an “even though!” I’ve been LOVING the opportunity to run in AC instead of outside in the insane heat and humidity!) It’s felt so great to be running again, and I haven’t been beating myself up about mixing in walking until I get used to the mileage again in my Vibrams. Plus it’s been awesome to bring my earphones over to the treadmill and plug them in to listen to the CNN station the gym always has on. I’ve wanted to become more aware of and up-to-date about international news for years now, so this (plus my M-F email subscription to theSkimm) has been a huge help.

In other news, I’ve been on the hunt for a good work-to-gym bag that’s not crazy expensive. It’s surprisingly hard to find! I suppose I’ll have a little leeway until May when classes start back up at school. (We’re grading and lesson planning in the office for the rest of March and then have April off.) What I mean is, I won’t be packing textbooks and papers PLUS daily necessities PLUS workout gear this month – just the second two. 🙂 If you know of a good, inexpensive work-to-gym bag, please let me know! I’m hoping for one with an over-the-shoulder strap, a division on the inside to separate my school items from my workout gear, and enough room for a pair or two of shoes. (Yes, I’m basically describing a Lululemon bag. But they’re so expensive!) Maybe that’s a hefty order? I don’t know!

My last piece of news before we get into this week’s workout plan: I bought my first pair of cross-training shoes last week, and I’ve been loving them. I think I left my pair of Asics at my parents’ house when I moved, so since all I brought to Thailand exercise shoes-wise was Keens and Vibrams, I’ve pretty much been at a loss when I’ve needed a good walking shoe or Body Pump shoe here. I’ve been on track with my savings recently, plus I’m planning to become a regular at Body Pump class AND to need a good walking shoe when I travel in April, so I figured last week was the perfect time to invest in cross-training shoes! I chose the Merrell Bare Access Arc 3 Cross-Training Shoe in Sleet/Scuba Blue. I tried on a pair of New Balance cross-trainers first and just could not get over how bulky they felt and how strange they looked on my feet after wearing Vibrams for the past two years! So these Merrells are perfect. They’re lightweight with zero drop (though, to be honest, I don’t have a super firm grasp on what that means!), so they’re tailored to give you a minimalist shoe feel. I believe they’ve partnered with Vibrams to make this shoe, so my loving them (the way they feel AND the way they look on my feet!) makes even more sense.

And now (whew!) my plan for this week’s workouts!

M: Core Flow + Body Pump
TU: Run/Walk 3 miles (W 1, R 1.5, W .5)
W: Hot Flow
TH: Run/Walk 3 miles (W .5, R 1.5, W .5, R .5) + Body Pump
F: Rest
SA: I’m hoping to travel somewhere nearby this weekend, so I’ll be walking a lot in my new shoes to get some exercise!
SU: Run/Walk 4 miles (W .5, R 2, W .5, R 1)


What is your workout plan for next week? Do you stick to one form of exercise, or do you like to mix it up?


3 thoughts on “When I Plan My Week in Workouts: Vol. III

  1. Well since you asked my workouts are planned months in advanced and are predominantly weight lifting mixed in with some form of endurance and mobility work. Good luck with your workouts!

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