When These are the Things that Bring Myself Rest and Peace

Sometimes a girl’s just gotta make a list. 

Let me just say, I totally took advantage of my all-day stint proctoring final exams to engage in pages upon pages worth of list-making. Lists of all sorts and shapes. (This is the kind of thing that generally makes me feel very giddy.) Here’s one of my favorites:

The Things that Bring Myself Rest & Peace

-good-smelling candles
-regular Jesus time*
-regularly finishing books
-eating well (including drinking lots of H20)* 
-exercising regularly*
-plants and flowers
-enough good sleep*
-checking things off my to-do list
-close communication with friends
-a mug of tea
-enough travel
-keeping up with my Bloglovin’ feed and other media

Last year when I served as Assistant Director of Missions at my university, the Board kickstarted the term with a lakeside retreat. One of my most vivid memories is of the “scheduling priorities” spiel. Not because I love spiels so much but because of the object our leaders used to explain the spiel. They took a large jar and filled it up with small rocks first, then large rocks. It looked something like this:


See how the big rocks don’t all fit in the jar? It’s because the small rocks – AKA non-priorities, or less important priorities – were put in first. If you swap the order and fill the jar with the big rocks – your priorities – first, THEN the small rocks, everything magically fits perfectly in the jar! 

So, I’ve put some stars beside my Rest and Peace items, setting them apart as Big Rocks. These are the things that I will rarely compromise on because they’re so important to me. Everything else is also important to me – but just less important. I’ve made a game plan to hopefully set myself up for success in incorporating these items into my life more regularly: 

Wake up early enough to eat and spend time with Jesus.
Turn off electronics an hour before bedtime. (And make that bedtime early enough so I can get 7-8 hours of sleep/night.)
Allow for occasional interruptions. Because they just gotta happen sometimes, and I have to be okay with that! 
Bring a book with me everywhere.

Other than that, I’m trying to live more slowly, more kindly, and more gently. Simplify. Breathe more. Here’s to it.

What are the things that bring you rest and peace? 


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