When I Plan My Week in Workouts: Vol. II

Last week I stuck fairly closely to my workout plan. (To be honest, though, I’d already written one plan and then had to revise it on Monday before I posted it here on Tuesday. All due to my first killer BodyPump class on Sunday evening!) I swapped Thursday’s BodyPump class for Gentle Yoga because the previous Sunday’s BodyPump class was still kicking my butt every time I tried to move my arms. (Yes, 4 days later!) I missed my Saturday workout (I’d been planning on going to an evening Hot Flow class) because I accidentally ate dinner too close to the start time. Annnnd I had to shorten my Sunday 4-miler to 3 miles due to timing issues.

On to this week’s plan! (I’m using Hal Higdon’s Half-Marathon Novice 1 Training Plan with a few modifications.)

M: Core Flow
TU: Run/walk 3 miles (emphasis on “Run”)
W: Hot Flow
TH: Run 3 miles + Body Pump [Eek! I’m a little nervous for class #2!]
F: Rest
SA: Hot Flow [This class in particular is my new favorite! It’s a combo of hot yoga and power/dynamic yoga. Plus, to be honest,I can’t handle how the AC is cranked up in the other flow classes. Hot Flow has a temperature that’s juuuust right.]
SU: Run 4 miles

What is your workout plan for this week? Do you need to revise it, either to give yourself an extra, needed rest day or to amp up the pace?


5 thoughts on “When I Plan My Week in Workouts: Vol. II

    1. Man, I can only imagine. It’s actually too hot here right now to do anything outside (felt like 100 today according to my weather app, so it’s official! haha), so I’d be down for the count if it wasn’t for my new gym membership.

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