When I Plan My Week in Workouts: Vol. I

Big News: I joined a gym last week! After going from one semester of zero access to exercise (even in the surrounding neighborhoods because we’re talking packs of dogs and street vendors, people!) to one semester of home yoga and hit-or-miss outdoor runs in 80-degree weather to NOW, my excitement about exercising has skyrocketed. I look forward to going to the gym, and I’m actually bummed that I won’t be going on my weekly rest day. To celebrate, and to keep my motivation high, I thought it would be fun to bring back My Week in Workouts posts! But this time around, I’ll be posting my projected week in workouts on Mondays instead of on Fridays. (Today’s post is late due to an unexpected trip I had to take last night.) Let’s have at it!

M: much-needed rest day after Body Pump beat me up on Sunday night
TU: walk 3 miles on an incline
W: Hot Flow (a flow yoga class during which the temperature is raised to 37 degrees Celsius)
TH: run/walk 3 miles + Body Pump (a really intense, all-over weightlifting class)
F: rest

{My plan for the weekends is this: I’ll use Saturday for any cross-training class at the gym – unless I’m traveling – and Sundays for my long runs. In case you’re wondering, yes, I’m hoping to run another race in the near future! So I’m prepping by moving into a training schedule that includes long runs.}

SA Options: Hot Flow, Body Pump, Gentle Flow (a very relaxed flow yoga class), or RPM Intro (the intro to a spin, or biking, class) 
SU: run 4 miles

What are you planning for your week in workouts?
{Please feel no shame or embarrassment if you have no plan. I’m sharing my week in workouts in order to keep myself accountable because I’ve found that’s one of the best ways for me to actually get out there and exercise. If it helps you as well, then feel free to share what you’re planning! I’d love to hear about it.}

What I came home to after yoga one night
What I came home to after yoga one night

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