When January is All Sorts of Chaotic

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So, this asthma or whatever it is that I have has thrown me for a loop. I am now a 75-year-old woman who can’t walk much more than ten feet without needing to stop for a breathing break. (Just imagine me trying to walk up and down stairs!) All that to say, I’m taking today to rest at home and just plain try to breathe normally again. While days off are usually celebrated, I’m actually sad to be taking this one because my students have missed so much class already due to a number of school-related activities. I guess this is what happens when you become a teacher: you actually get sad about missing class (sometimes, not always, don’t get me wrong!). 

I suppose you could say I’m starting my day off early because school will be closed tomorrow for Teachers’ Day. Before this 75-year-old woman stage hit, I was actually looking forward to school being closed because I’ve been gearing up for a morning run followed by a day at the nearby beach. I highly doubt the run can happen, but I’m hoping that somehow the beach still can. We’ll see. It’s all up to you, lungs!

In other news, this month is quite chaotic at school. I’m taking the day off to rest today, then tomorrow school is closed for Teachers’ Day, and on Friday we come back to work for one day before ten days off. (Think: island hopping vacation! Work, lungs, work. Because I’m really not sure how I’m supposed to hop if you don’t . . .) All that to say, Powerfully Quiet is about to get quieter unless I have WiFi on vacation (which is questionable). So: enjoy your January! I’ll see you when I return! 

And if you missed yesterday’s post, please check it out here! My two very lovable kittens are in need of adopting. 

I'm hoping to be doing something of this sort next week . . .
I’m hoping to be doing something of this sort next week . . .

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