When I’d Like You to Meet . . .

7 weeks old

Can you even believe it’s mid-January?! I can’t either. I’ve had some particularly not fun days recently (coming into work last weekend is one reason), so I’m extra elated about my day off on Thursday and my island-hopping vacation to follow. I’m more of a mountain person than a beach person, but this month I’m getting strangely excited about the beach! I’m all-around looking forward to the time off of work, to solitude and relaxation, and to quality time with friends. But before all that happens: allow me to introduce you to my kittens! 

Agnes {the brown and white love}

When I first got her, I definitely thought she was a boy with a feminine prance. She was so, so tiny and had a distended tummy (which I’d later find out was from roundworms, which have stunted her growth). She seemed a little oblivious to things that your typical kitten would crazy over: a new environment, toys, and snuggles. It’s been several weeks now since her first treatment for the roundworms, and she’s doing much better. Her stomach has gone down in size, she’s eating at a more normal pace, and her fur looks smooth instead of raggedy. This past Friday she turned into a full-blown kitten who was parkour-ing off the couch, nipping at my toes and elbows, and sliding around on the rug downstairs. While I can’t wait until that crazy stage ends, I am so glad that she’s getting healthier and feeling more energetic. 
Quirks: Agnes has an obsession with brooms. Every time I sweep downstairs (which is often since cat litter gets everywhere every day), she crouches, hunts, and pounces on the broom. Over and over and over again. She also waits outside my bedroom door every morning and meows until I open it just a crack so she can pop her head in. (Then I feed her, don’t worry.) 

Ivan {the all-white-haired love}

Oh my. This one has been trying. Try. Ing. (Yes, the capitalization was totally necessary.) Up until recently, he’s taken the cake for craziest kitten ever. He meows for attention, he pounces on his sister ALL the time, he refuses to chill out and do anything other than climb on your laptop and the kitchen table, and he’s even found a way to get into the ceiling (which he so kindly introduced to his much tinier and much more innocent sister). I’ve thought he has to have been running on adrenaline, yet he only naps for thirty minutes tops before going right back to racing around every corner of the room and jumping all over everything in sight. This past Friday, he and Agnes totally switched personalities though (and, for the most part, it’s stuck). It’s almost as if he’s graduated into old man cat-hood. He napped on my lap for almost three hours straight, he sprawled out on the tile floor and stared at me sleepily for awhile, and he let Agnes pounce on him instead of the other way around. I’m definitely enjoying this calmer side to him. 
Quirks: Ivan is so hungry for affection that he’ll paw at your hand until you pet him just the way he likes (which could mean rubbing his tummy – as if he’s a puppy! – or scratching his chin or rubbing his ears.) He also waits outside my bedroom door in the morning, and when I open it just a little bit, he stacks his head on top of Agnes’ and gives me a good chuckle. 

I grew up with a cat despite being somewhat allergic to him. I gave these kittens a two-week trial run to see how I’d fare after thirteen years of not living with a feline under my roof. I did surprisingly well, and then of course just a few weeks after my trial run ended, I leapt into the “I can’t breathe when I’m downstairs for too long” phase. I am now looking for someone to adopt these two, together, as indoor pets. If you live in Thailand and are interested, please let me know by commenting on this post! I experimented with putting them outside with their dinner tonight, and they fared terribly, so their staying in the neighborhood as outdoor cats is not an option. Again, please comment on this post if you can help me out or know of anyone who can!  

Both kittens are around ten weeks old now. Agnes is much healthier than she was when I first took her in, but she’s still a third of Ivan’s size. Agnes seems to be following behind Ivan in all stages of her development, so she’s just taken up the crazy kitten stage, whereas Ivan has just graduated from it into a generally calm personality. Both kittens are healthier than they were when I first took them in, and they’re in the process of getting all the necessary vaccines. Nora (my hedgehog) is not fond of the kittens at all, so I make sure that the kittens stay out of the room where her cage is. 

The kittens say, “Nice to meet you!” while they curl up in the spare room. They are hoping to be adopted by a loving family who will keep them both together and indoors very soon! 


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