When I’m Signing Off for 2013

Today is Christmas Eve, yet it’s a bit of life as usual here in Thailand. There’s no snow, of course, but the weather has turned a bit chilly in the morning and at night, so we’re playing winter. I went to school this morning all wrapped up in my sweater, came home on a break to do some chores (because this week is crazy and too jam-packed! it’s what happens before a vacation, apparently), tutored for two hours after school, and then came home to do more chores. I tried to infuse the Christmas merriment into all those dang chores with some background Christmas music, but I missed having the week off, you know? I’ve never worked or gone to school on Christmas Eve or Christmas until this year (understandably – I live in Thailand after all). R&R and Christmastime always seemed joined at the hip before. But they’re not! 😉 Anyway, rest is coming soon enough as our New Years break approaches.


Wishing you the loveliest Christmastime and all-around holiday time. See you in 2014! 


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