When It’s a Mishmash, and Also Advent

Hello, hello! My apologies for missing a post last week and only publishing one. Shame, shame, I know. I’m back today with a mishmash-ed post because it’s already Thursday, and, at that, it’s already Thursday night. I’ve been intending to craft a delicate, every-word-intentionally-chosen response to these articles about modesty (That Day I Wore Yoga Pants: 5 Myths About Modesty and The Motive to Modesty), but getting to it has taken much longer than I’d originally anticipated. I’m hoping to crank that response out for Post #2 this week, so keep your eyes open for that.

In the meantime, December has come upon us! And, at that, Advent. I’m getting my liturgical on again this year and am pleased to be consciously celebrating this section of the church calendar. Advent is about waiting, and longing. So, to help me position my thoughts on the practice of waiting and longing for Christ’s coming, I’m following along with She Reads Truth’s new Advent plan. I recommend it if you’re looking for a helpful devotional for this Advent season.

The weather in Thailand has cooled down quite a bit – all the way down to 70 degrees! After six months of 90-degree-practically-on-top-of-the-equator weather, 70 degrees feels like a December chill. In fact, I’ve been breaking out my long sleeves and sweatshirt more often than not. I even made hot cocoa twice this week to bring to work! Bodies adjusting to weather upon moving to a new country is real, folks. 

I’ve been reading all the Lauren Winner I can get my hands on. Which is a plus because reading makes me feel smart. (And because Lauren Winner teaches at Duke Divinity School. Just saying, her teaching at Duke + my love for Duke have to count for something.) It’s also a plus because my twelfth grade students have disappeared for two weeks of outside-of-school testing, so my teaching hours have significantly dropped. If I have to be in the office all day doing nothing other than teaching for one or two hours, I want to have a good book along with me (and a mug of hot cocoa because I’m cold!). You know what I’m saying? 

I have a five-foot Christmas tree from the grocery store at the bottom of my stairs, and it’s lovely. I also have a tiny tree on my kitchen table, a spiced apple candle on my coffee table, and a pine-scented candle upstairs. That combined with the “chilly” weather has made my December in Thailand thus far feel surprisingly like December in America, and like Christmastime. To that I say: Yesssss.

I’ve made new friends at work, and I had dinner with old friends last night. I like this having friends thing. Especially since last semester was rather lonely. To friendship I also say: Yesssss.

Oh! I forgot to tell you: Just as I’d been wondering if this would transpire, it did. I’ve decided not to run the 10K in two weeks because I’ve not had enough time to adequately (AKA safely) build up my mileage. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for signs of any 10K goings-on in January or February.

And, last but not least, today is the king’s birthday (also Father’s Day) in Thailand. It’s a national holiday, so I’ve had the day off work. I’ve found it quite nifty to see the masses of people wearing yellow clothing and paper crowns at the mall. (Fun fact: in Thailand, yellow is identified with the king because he was born on a Monday, and Mondays are assigned the color yellow.) So, Happy Father’s Day from Thailand, all! It’s back to teaching tomorrow and Monday before another holiday (Constitution Day) on Tuesday.

Let me leave you with a few Advent-Christmastime ruminations I’ve been particularly enjoying tonight:

“The miracle of Christmas is that Jesus comes anyway . . . no matter how much or how little I prepare for his arrival.”
“The earth stands still, and silent and often unaware – and still she receives her King.”
Give yourself grace when you miss a day in the everyday-ness of Advent traditions! 

{The first two quotes are from Addie Zierman. The third statement is simply my paraphrase of, again, a quote by Addie Zierman. You can find all three here.} 


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