When I Tell You What’s in My Work Bag

For whatever reason – maybe because I’m nosy – I’ve always enjoyed those “What’s in your bag?” posts, whether they be on blogs or on YouTube. Now and then I carry a purse when I go out for dinner, but usually I only take a wallet. So for the sake of appeasing any of you nosy types like me, I thought it’d be interesting to do a knock-off post about what’s in my work bag. Let’s have at it! 


(Note: I’m totally slouching in the photo. Sorry.) I bought this leather messenger bag at the mall a few months ago because I wanted to look a bit more professional compared to the college-grad-with-a-backpack look I had been sporting to and from work before. (Also, it’s totally a Rory Gilmore bag – which is the real reason why I bought it, let’s be honest.) Apart from the normal inside of the bag once you open it up, there are: one big zippered compartment on the back of the bag, one big zippered compartment inside the bag, and two other small pockets as well. It closes via fancy magnetic powers, and it’s large enough to fit my laptop or a few textbooks as need be. Plus it’s simple and dark brown. AKA all-around lovable.

Let’s break it down compartment by compartment, shall we?


Inside the main compartment, I keep:
-my wallet (bills, credit cards, house keys, cell phone, and Chapstick)
-my 2013 planner
-a pack of highlighters
-my Kindle [I’m currently reading Lauren Winner’s Still] & charger
-a tumbler
-a bottle of water

Inside the big zippered compartment on the inside, I keep [not pictured]:
-my important documents
-a flash drive


Inside the two small pockets, I keep:
-one peppermint tea bag
-a pen
-what’s left of a solid perfume I bought in Paris a few years back


Inside the big zippered compartment on the back, I keep:
-hand lotion [Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream: Intensive
Moisturizing Hand Treatment]
-my lipstick of the day [today it’s L’Oreal Color Riche in Wild Tango]
-powder & brush [Revlon Nearly Naked in Fair & Nordstrom’s Powder brush]
-change purse (for public transportation)

My work bag is usually not heavy, so when I typed up this list, I was quite surprised at how much I carry every day! Maybe that’s a testament to the greatness of the bag. Who knows. 🙂

What do you carry in your work bag?


One thought on “When I Tell You What’s in My Work Bag

  1. I’m still sporting that backpack look, but when I use my Practicum Teaching Bag, I have clipboards, materials, pens, stickers, and depending upon the lesson, a timer and my lesson plan materials. And my lesson plan… that’s essential too! SO far, I have not gotten it down to an art as you have!

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