When I Review Sarah Bessey’s Jesus Feminist

Doing a little reblogging today, as Sarah Bessey’s new book was just released in North America! In celebration, I’ll be linking my review of it (the one I posted back in September) to the synchroblog going live in a few hours. I’m simply reblogging my review. Oops. I’d thought the synchroblog was a link-up of reviews, but it’s not; rather, it’s a link-up of personal stories related to “Jesus feminism.” Next time I won’t jump the gun and post early!

Powerfully Quiet

In what would normally turn my world upside-down (because, you see, I’m prone to turn-on-a-dime frustration and bitterness when my imaginary schedule is inconvenienced/compromised), the power went out at 8 AM. On the first day of my weekend. The day that I had planned to sleep in.

I had assumed I’d sleep until 10, 10:30, and even that was a bit “early.” I’d downloaded a new app, Sleep Bot, on my smartphone the night before. It’s supposed to track your movement during sleep and then wake you up gently at the best time for your sleep cycle. Whether or not it actually works, I was excited to try it out. Until, you know, the power went out, which in Thailand means you’re now bound to the inevitability of feeling hotter than you already were, which means that you’re now bound to the inevitability of wakefulness no matter what time it…

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