When I’m Gathering Basil and Acacia

I’ve been a grumpy thing recently, so I’m going to use this post, here and now, to recount the ultra-current things I’m thankful for, the things that are making me happy this week. 

I am happy that I share my apartment with another living thing, a little ball of quills and soft, white belly fur, a thing I get to hold and “aw” at even when I’m cleaning out her cage because she’s just that cute. (In case you couldn’t tell, I’m talking about my hedgehog.)

I am happy that I used 45 out of 60 minutes of my lunch break today to clean my apartment. Read: to clean Nora’s cage, sweep, put the wet laundry that had been hanging inside my closet outside on my patio to dry, and wash some dishes. Yep, I’m that girl. But I’m happy about it because it means that a) I’ll feel much calmer when I walk in after work today and b) I’ll have more not-cleaning time to myself tonight.

I am happy that when I walked down the street this morning, what came to mind was “comfortably cool.” Instead of, y’know, “howmuchmoreamIgoingtosweattoday” or “getmetoACstat.” And then I checked The Weather Channel app, which told me it’s overcast and feels like 96 degrees Fahrenheit outside. And that made me nod in approval because at least my body is adjusting to the heat. 

I am happy because I’m only days away from my between-semesters vacation. 

Sarah Bessey wrote a lovely post yesterday about hating her wilderness experience (Texas) while she was in it but now, as she looks back, adoring it like nothing else. She says, speaking to herself, “You gathered everything you needed for the journey among the limestone and the bluebonnets.” 

So I say to myself, with a mixture of prophecy and uncertain hope, “You are gathering everything you need for the journey among the basil and acacia.” 


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