When You Should Have Some Weekend Meditation

I’ve kept this post up on my browser all morning and just can’t close it without sharing it with you guys. So, here, have some weekend meditation.

From Sarah Bessey’s post called “The Grace of Good Love,” which is nestled within Rachel Held Evans’ weeklong series on household codes:
Now we just try to love each other as if our lives depend on it (because they sort of do). One of the greatest gifts we have given each other is the room and the grace to change and to grow. We could have, we would have, lost each other, many game-changing moments later, if we hadn’t had the underlying rule of it all: in this moment, in this decision, right now, how can we love and serve each other?  The buck doesn’t stop with my husband, it stops with us together, and we wait in the in-between places and pray and learn again the grace of good love and true honour together.

Each marriage is as unique as the image-bearers who entered into a covenant with each other.  Of course the ways that we live out our love stories is going to be unique to our histories, our families, our context, let alone the ways that we can embody the hope of glory and the mystery of power-eschewing, self-sacrificing, you-first-darling sort of love. In a marriage of mutuality, there is room for each of us to follow Jesus, for each of us to heed the Spirit, for each of us to lead and for each of us to follow.”


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