When I’ve Found Some Exciting Things

Today’s an “ain’t no thang” post. No big deal. A quick one. I just want to share some exciting things I’ve found this week!

#1: FeelUnique
APPARENTLY FeelUnique is a website that delivers beauty products worldwide. Worldwide, friends. Which means that when I’m feeling isolated from a quick run to Target because, well, I live in Thailand, I can make a few fun purchases and have some mail on my way! Yesss. FeelUnique is also in the middle of a huge summer sale, so that’s just one more plus. I’ve been piling products into my virtual Shopping Bag and culling them so I’m left with only the bare essentials. It’s an exciting thing.

#2: Dove Intense Repair Deep Repairing Mask
Now, while this is hardly an excellent name for a product (two versions of the word “repair” in one name, are you kidding me?), it is something I’m excited about. Because I found it next door at Tesco! The full-size container is quite expensive, but I stumbled upon a one-use-only packet of it for . . . 10 BAHT. Whaaaat. I’ve been interested in trying a hair mask, so this was the perfect purchase. I’ll let you know how it goes.

That’s it for now. One month and counting until the between-semesters vacation!


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