When God is Talking About the Wilderness

Ashleigh reminded me of this post, one that’s absolutely necessary for me to re-read and re-chew now that I am living in the wilderness. So, I’m reblogging today.

Powerfully Quiet

“The notion of obscurity as a curse is so ingrained in our culture that even some people I know in vocational ministry feel that if they’re not adequately known or recognized they’ve either done something wrong or God is unhappy with them. If only they knew that God draws people into obscurity – into the wilderness – not because He’s angry with them or because they aren’t ‘successful enough,’ but because He wants to go deeper in His relationship with them. Far from being punishment, judgment, or a curse, the wilderness is a gift. It’s where we can experience the primal delight of being fully known and delighted in by God.” 

“The only real antidote to the clamor of the crowd is time in the wilderness, where our true identity can be established and we can hear the still, small voice of God.” 

Both of these quotes come from…

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