When I High Five Friday

Here’s to my third link-up from Thailand with Lauren Elizabeth! Happy Friday, all.

1. No daytime classes this week!

2. On Tuesday I kicked off Day One of a new, afternoonintoevening, 5-week English course, and it went very, very well.

3. My updated visa and work permit are all in order as of yesterday. Woohoo!

4. As always, I’ve really enjoyed some Nora the Hedge time this week. This is nothing new, but it makes the list because she’s awesome. šŸ™‚

5. Long weekend! From my slight research on the Internet, I found that Buddhist Lent, better known as Vassa, begins this weekend – hence the long weekend – and lasts for three months. (No, we don’t get three months off work.) It is a time for monks and nuns to practice intense meditation and for lay people, if they so choose, to abstain from meat, alcohol, and smoking.
A group of us are taking advantage of the time off by traveling to a nearby island. We’ll be back on Tuesday, so no Monday post. Expect pictures sometime mid to late next week!


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