When Honesty Doesn’t Always Need a Tagline

I am a big fan of raw, of honest, of true and genuine. Bare to the bones, not sticky with honey.

I think that, for the most part, we do a good job being honest. But sometimes we tack on an “extra.” An IdontfeellikereadingtheBibleanymorebecauseitallseemssooutofdate but I know it’s just a phase, this will pass, so I guess I really shouldn’t worry about it. An Imfeelinsoflyinmynewcar but I guess I should also say that I’m feelin’ blessed because, well, that’d be the Christian thing to do, right? And I should also make sure I say “blessed” in my Facebook status because who knows who will be scrolling through my newsfeed on a bad day, see the word “blessed,” and be utterly changed by it. An Imsoangryhowcouldsheactsoignorantandoffensiveandthinkitsokay but I know that, really, she didn’t mean it, and even if she did, I should forgive her. An IvebeenburnedoverandoveragainbythesepeopleandIdontthinkIcantakeitanymore but I should appreciate them, so I’ll overlook it…yet again. An ImhavingtheworstdayeverandImfrustratedateverythingknowntoman but I know that’s an exaggeration, so I should just get over myself.

Not all of these “extras” are awful. Some of them, well, some of them are. But the point is, honesty doesn’t always need a tagline. Some days I want to just sit in my honesty. I want others to sit in their honesty and let me into their sitting-honest time. I’m good at sitting; I’d like to be good at honesty without a coverup too.

(Something I’ve noticed about these taglines: all of them involve what I should think, how I should act. Appropriate for taglines, okay. But inherent in honesty? Hm…not so much. Honesty is candor, straightforwardness, frankness. No buts, shoulds, or I guesses about it. I’m glad for that.)


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