When I Think Teacher Just Might be the Right Fit

It’s taken me a good long while to start feeling entirely like my normal Laurinself. (Probably, surprisingly, due to culture shock. More about that in a future post.) I’m pretty happy to report that my new title of teacher is beginning to fit right into what I consider to be normalcy. I finally know almost all of my students’ names and can recognize my students’ faces around campus. I look forward to going into class, and I have confidence in my ability to, one, teach the material in new and interesting ways and, two, to discipline when necessary. That’s a good step! 

As I’ve mentioned before, I am not teaching my usual classes this week because my students have off for Midterms Week. Last week they took midterms in my department (the International Language Institute), but this week they take midterms in every other department, so language classes are canceled. This means that I still have to come in to work – to grade midterms in the office – but I don’t have any classes to teach. Not any of my usual classes, at least. Yesterday I started a new 5-week teaching job in which I’m teaching 25 other teachers how to speak, write, and understand English better. This new job is through my current employer, so it’s not entirely “new,” per se, just a few extra hours each week with a different group of students. The first class met last night, and I really enjoyed it. The teachers’ level of understanding is high – much higher than that of my daytime students – so I’m looking forward to teaching them much more advanced concepts, like maybe even literary comprehension! 

Let’s backtrack to last week when I had regularly scheduled classes. Because my students finished their midterms halfway through the week, they still had some classes left in that awkward time gap of AfterTheTestButBeforeTheWeekIsOver. So my co-teacher and I decided that an educational scavenger hunt would be the way to go! In our first-year classes, we set up a scavenger hunt using prepositions of place as clues, and in our third-year classes, we used pre-typed conversations with past participles as clues. Here are some photos, compliments of my academic coordinator: 






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