When It’s a Monday-ish…Wednesday

It’s Wednesday afternoon here in Thailand, but it feels like a Monday. 

It’s rainy season. Torrential downpours can happen at any minute, and they’re no respecter of persons. 

Rainy season makes the Internet in my apartment go caput.

Rainy season makes questionable whether or not I have water when I turn on my shower. Or my sink faucet. (No, I’m not sure why this is since it seems illogical, huh?) 

I love Thailand. But even the best of places can have a case of the Mondays. Or, in this case, the Monday-ish Wednesdays. 🙂

{Ahem. I might have originally published this post as “When It’s a Monday-ish Tuesday.” Because I’m feelin’ so Monday-like that I absolutely believed it was Tuesday all day. Until I just now realized it’s Wednesday. Ack!}


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