When She Goes By Nora

She goes by “little love,”






and, officially, Nora. 

All it took was a day trip to Bangkok to find her, her cage, and her exercise wheel. Since then, I’ve also put an empty Pringles tube (with the end cut off) into her cage for her to use as a tunnel. Towel-material lining for the entire cage. A small litter area. One food bowl. One water bowl. And a mug – turned on its side – for her to sleep in. (The second picture, above, was taken when I was still on the hunt for a more permanent sleeping area for her . . . so she was happily snoozing in a PopTarts box.)

She is very low-maintenance, given that hedgehogs need warmth (where better to live than Thailand?), eat cat food, and sleep during the day when I’m at work. Not all hedgehogs are playful or cuddly, but this one sure is. She’s curled up in my palm several times and fallen asleep. And she’s always ready to play and snuggle – as much as an animal with quills can – once she wakes up from her grumpy stupor.

Welcome, little love, to Thai life with me! 


{In teaching news, all of my first-year and third-year classes took their speaking tests this week. I definitely felt like a proud mama when the majority of my first-years received top scores. Next week is midterms!} 


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