When I High Five Friday

Hello, all! I am linking up with Lauren from Lauren Elizabeth for her weekly High Five for Friday post. Because I missed last week’s link-up and have spent these past two weeks at the beach with my family, today’s post will be full of photos from both weeks. 

1. We celebrated . . . and celebrated . . . and celebrated! 


Because my parents and I always have much to celebrate during the summer (birthdays and Father’s Day) and because I’m moving abroad before the actual celebratory days occur, we celebrated everything early while at the beach. Whoever was being celebrated on a certain day got to choose what we did all that day. It was fun! Above is a photo from my early birthday celebration! 

2. We ate . . . and ate . . . and ate! 





We found a number of great restaurants, but my absolute favorite was The Fat Hen. Seriously, this restaurant is outstanding. It is quite possibly my all-time favorite restaurant. Located off the main stretch of tree-lined road, The Fat Hen looks somewhat like a low-country house with a large porch and Christmas lights. Inside, the tables are all squashed together to make room for everyone, and it’s loud, but because the servers are so laidback and knowledgeable, you’re immediately set at ease. The food is stupendous – during the two times that we ate there, I ate tomato soup, salmon bearnaise, vanilla creme brulee, fried green tomatoes, grilled chicken, and blackberry cobbler, and I wanted to pounce on the chef with gratitude after both times. (Also, yes, I realize that’s a lot of food. It’s fine.) I am particularly endeared toward chickens, so the number of ceramic hens strewed about the restaurant, not to mention the red hen feet painted on the porch on the way into the restaurant, was reason for my excitement. I could rave about this place for a looong time, but I’ll stop here. If you’re ever near Charleston, Kiawah Island, or anywhere in-between (in South Carolina), definitely stop by The Fat Hen. The end.

3. We walked on the beach and saw beautiful things! 





4. I read. so. much. 

5. I discovered some great online workouts!


Finding these two sites has been such an encouragement to me, especially as I prepare to move overseas where chances are good that I won’t be able to take group fitness classes or exercise at the level I’m used to right away due to the extremely hot climate. I have only downloaded one class from YogaDownload so far (Simple and Sweet Yoga Flow), but it has been a wonderful experience. With the audio download comes a downloadable file of the yoga positions (in image form) so that you can visually follow along with the audio if you want to. Fitness Blender has been a great experience too. I’ve decided to do two of their 10-minute abs workout videos each morning, and I’m loving them! I’ve been so impressed. When I work out with both YogaDownload and Fitness Blender, I really feel like I’m getting a workout because I sweat, feel the burn, all that jazz. I definitely recommend these two to you! 

I hope you’ve all had an excellent week as well! Cheers to summer’s arrival. 

*A Closing Note: Tomorrow I head East for The Big Move. It’s finally here!! Due to 1) numerous flights, 2) orientation, and 3) starting a new job, posts will either be willy-nilly or silence next week. Thanks in advance for your patience as I settle in to the changes. 


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