When Christianity Might Be More Physical Than We Think

Again with Jonathan Martin! I am almost through with his new book Prototype, but day by day as I keep reading it, I find something new to hang my thoughts on. Today it’s this: Christianity might be more physical than we think, for Jesus, God in physical human form, is the prototype. Martin stitches this thought throughout his book in countless examples, such as baptism, Communion, foot-washing, and the resurrection. With these examples in mind, let me offer Martin’s specific words to you:

“If life with God has any connection at all to Jesus, it’s a bodily religion,  and touch is the whole ball game. Spirituality is not a bad word for it, but the danger is always that we make it ‘something more’ than the taste of brittle bread and sweet wine, the feel of wet flesh and calloused feet. For a religion that is all about bodies, then, it’s not surprising that there is such an emphasis on bodily, physical practices. Bathing and blessing and eating are the primary colors of life with God. It is nothing more sophisticated (or less difficult to do) than that.”

Immediately following these words, Martin has written a separate section entitled: “The God you can touch.” How mysteriously wonderful it might be to understand Jesus, representative of God the Father, in physical form with this kind of physical, mystery-infused-in-the-everyday emphasis. 


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