When It’s Transition Time, Baby

I am starting to see that the beach is an excellent transition location before The Big Move. That probably seems either silly or obvious, but, you see, I mean more than that. Because The Big Move happens the day after beachtime ends, I was forced to pack already. So, it’s done! Packing is finished (minus a few sporadic items here and there). I really have nothing to worry about, nothing to make repeated mental to-do lists about, because it’s alllll finished. This means that beachtime can actually be beachtime: a time of rest and transition. Also, seriously, the beach? How perfect! I realize that Thailand (the destination of The Big Move) is not made up solely of beaches, but the fact that I have to be away from my “home” for two weeks while at the beach – a tiny move, if you will – in a hot environment with palm trees and lizards everywhere, well, that’s pretty darn similar to Thailand. And pretty darn perfect for this transition period. I’m grateful for it. It’s also helping me adjust already to the Thai mindset, one of flexibility and slowing rather than “go-go-go.” Cheers! 





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