When Heather Kopp Speaks Real Talk

You see, I live in the houses of interpreters too. Lately I’ve been reading bits and pieces, and therefore interpreting. So you’ve been getting, haphazardly (I apologize), what’s skidding off the waves: the original spark and my first impressions. 

Heather Kopp says, “I think we do people a huge disservice when our message is: If you’re truly a Christian, you should be able to pray and repent your way out of this! Or worse: If you can’t pray and repent your way out of your addiction, you’re probably not a Christian.” 

And this too: “I think one reason we struggle to get honest in church settings is that we all feel like we have to somehow protect God’s reputation. To admit to an addiction can feel like a betrayal of Christ’s work on the cross.” 
Ouch. And, yes. 

Rachel Held Evans gave Heather Kopp, a recovering Christian alcoholic, space on her blog today to respond to several readers’ questions. The two above quotes come from that space, which can be found here. Beautiful, necessary truths, some applicable to life at large and some to, specifically, our understanding of addiction. I encourage you to read the post just for the sake of its guarantee to better your life. 

Here’s to hoping you’re enjoying this late Thursday eve. 


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