When I Reunionize

As I’ve mentioned before, I spent last summer working at the best job on earth. I was planning on returning this summer, assuming that either grad school or Thailand would be next come fall, but then an opportunity opened up for me to go to Thailand in June . . . and we know what happened next. Needless to say, I adore the people I’ve worked with, and they’re why I break into all smiles when I cross the North Carolina state line. I couldn’t keep myself from visiting before I make the move to Thailand. Yesterday was the day! 

ImagePretty much the first stop I make whenever I head to Duke: Madhatter’s.

ImageI met my friend Sarah there for a late lunch! Roasted beet salad. 

ImageThen we got our sentimental on and walked around campus. Sarah will be back on staff this summer, and I am so jealous! 

ImageSarah and I also met up with several other staff friends between lunch and dinner. Then a few of us ate dinner with our lovely boss, Ellen, at Durham’s infamous taco truck! I stayed at Elon University with Sarah afterwards and came to these conclusions: 1) Of course I’d be back on a college campus just a few days after graduation, and 2) Elon looks like the Capitol. In the morning we met a dear friend for coffee, and then I was on my way! A quick overnight trip, but a great reunion nonetheless. 

Here’s to a few more, as time is spinning by much faster than expected. One month from now, I’ll be experiencing my first full day in my apartment after orientation. Crazytalk. 


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