When I Move East

I graduated.


I drove through snow. (By the way, it snowed on Graduation Day.)


And I drove through sun and green. 


(Photos compliments of my mom) 

There was a lot of driving involved – 16 hours, to be exact. And despite it all, it happens to be my favorite drive thus far because it is entirely glorious.  

I have very little to say about graduation because, quite honestly, it was all a blur. I remember being fixated during the h’s to the s’s on whether or not to move my tassel, and when I wasn’t fixated on my tassel-moving “crisis,” I was annoyed with the row behind me. But, really, the ceremony was beautiful, and it feels really good to be able to say I’ve graduated. My post-graduation plans finally feel real. So, here’s to another post that will come about a month from now, the title of which will read, yet again: “When I Move East” (to Thailand). 


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