When It’s the End of an Era

Dramatic? Yes, I agree. However, it’s kind of true. In just four days, I will graduate from college – marking the end of seventeen straight years (AKA, in my mind, an era) of formal education – and will move out of the dorms. In five days, I will move out of the Midwest. And in thirty-three days, I will move across the ocean, transitioning out of the role of “student” and into the role of “teacher.” 

I will never again be a “college student.” 
I will never again live in the dorms. 
And, I hope, I will never again live in the Midwest. 

So, it’s the end of an era.

Maybe it just hasn’t hit me yet, but I haven’t been slammed by any over-sentimentality or signs of distress. I don’t have a “get me out of here already” mentality either. I’m just content, full. I’m very happy with these four years: the friends I’ve made, the churches I’ve transitioned into and out of, the commitments I’ve made, the departments I’ve been involved in. And maybe it’s because I already have dearly beloveds spread out throughout the country and the world at large, but I’m just not too stressed out about missing people. Do I like missing people? Of course not. But I’ve come to realize that my friends are global, and I love them for it, so wherever I am in the world, I’ll always be missing someone. And that’s okay. (It’d be less okay if I was living in a world without Internet and Skype, let me just say.) 

So, before the “era” officially concludes, I’ll be giving one final presentation, packing up the rest of my things (about half is already packed), squeezing in all the fitness classes I can (I got an amazing deal at a local studio, which I’ll tell you about later!), and spending time with my parents who are in town for “Graduation Week.” Then comes a long drive back to the coast, a visit to dearly beloveds in North Carolina, appointments and packing galore, meeting up with dearly beloveds in town, and spending time at the beach. And Then Thailandia. 


Happy end of April, whether you are in a time of transition too or continuing to truck along! 


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