When I Return from a Hiatus & High Five Friday

Man, part of me has felt like it’s been in the land of the dead, what with Powerfully Quiet being so silent lately. I can’t promise that it’s totally returned to the land of the living – the hiatus might continue a little bit longer – but at least I can prove to you that it still has some voice. 🙂

Many good things have happened recently! (And will be expanded upon in future posts, so keep checking back.) What better way to let you in on them than by linking up with Lauren from From My Grey Desk with a High Five for Friday post? (Which I’ll extend to cover all of April so far, not just this past week.)

So far this month, I have . . .

1. spent one last morning with my dear friend Kelly from Rainboots and Beef. (I drove her to the airport for her big move to Oregon! No, this is not necessarily happy news for me, but I was elated that I got to see her one more time.)


2. been accepted to teach English in Thailand! (Acceptance was the first part; then came waiting for a school placement, which would let me know whether I’d be moving in June or in October.)

3. spent a weekend away with my parents, who came to visit. 

4. broken down in the middle of a lane just before rush hour traffic
. . . and learned that I can convince myself not to panic and to actually get things done with some semblance of kindness and humor; been helped by an exceedingly kind police officer as well as my boss/friend/professor, who just so happened to be nearby; and been relieved of any stress about all of this by my parents turning around and driving back to take care of the whole situation. Wow!

5. received my school placement!! It’s official, folks, even on Powerfully Quiet now. I will be living the dream sooner than I’d ever thought – I’m moving to Thailand one month after graduation in order to take a position as an English teacher at a technological college. I could not be more excited about this! At the same time, it’s very bittersweet because it means that I won’t be able to return to the best summer job on earth this year. Here’s to a whirlwind of life over the next lessthantwomonths! 🙂


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