When Life Speeds and Slows Simultaneously

As you can tell, since my return from Wales, posts have been a little insubstantial. That’s not a reflection on Wales; that’s a reflection on the simultaneous speeding and slowing of my current life-state. You know, when your planner is written and highlighted all over and paper clipped too, but the days feel full of their 24-hour length, not quickly passing at all. So, I imagine that until I graduate in early May, substantial posts – and the daily Joy Dare – will be a bit hit or miss. For that I apologize, but please bear with me! I am thinking little snippets of substantial thoughts, like about the idea of belonging to Christ and the notion that sacrifice can be made without obedience (and that’s problematic) – but life hasn’t slowed enough for me to flesh those out on a daily basis here. Yet. Please be patient with me. I’ll get there! 🙂


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