When My Final Spring Happens

Spring is happening. March is near gone, and I join the ranks of all those who blinked and stumbled upon two weeks into the month without even knowing they’d passed by. On top of that, I feel a little bit as if I’ve blinked and stumbled upon my final semester of college. As happens to most students, I mentally divide life into semesters, but I have a feeling that that will all change come graduation. So, in the meantime, I’m considering this current semester to be “my final spring.”

When such a spring happens, I feel fuller than usual, a feeling probably – actually, most definitely – influenced by the fact that last week I was in London, but today I am in the Midwest.

When such a spring happens, I have Big Thoughts. I have Big Thoughts about where I’ll be come fall. I make Big (Tentative) Plans. And right now, those Big (Tentative) Plans lie in the continent of Asia. (!!!)

When such a spring happens, I have to look for someone to replace me in my campus leadership position. I 100% feel like I blinked and came to the end of my time on the Board; blinked and came to the time-after-the-spring-break-trips-have-already-happened-and-there’s-a-lull-in-my-office; blinked and came to the phase when Tuesday nights are all interviews of future leaders and not meetings; blinked and came to the time when I’m about to “pass on the torch” (we actually do this) to whoever will take my position in the fall. (I’ve served as the Assistant Director of Missions, so I’ve helped organize my school’s spring break and summer service/study trips.)

When such a spring happens, I have to say goodbye to some people a little early (like Kelly – she’s moving soon and getting married!!) and soak up time with the others, all in the less than two months I have until graduation. I definitely feel like just a few days ago I was helping my older best friend get ready to graduate; I can’t believe it was already one year ago.

When such a spring happens, I start to get more serious about budgeting and about minimalism.

When such a spring happens, I drink a lot of iced coffee and tea.

Spring is happening. My final spring is happening. I bet you anything I’ll blink and May – graduation – will be upon us. That’s crazy talk and real life all at once. Here’s to many a dinner date and coffee date with dear friends (and of course some studying) as we prepare for what’s ahead!

(I will start posting the daily Joy Dare again next week. I just need to settle back into the swing of things before I get Powerfully Quiet all organized again.)


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