When I High Five Friday

Today I am linking up with Lauren from From My Grey Desk for the weekly High Five for Friday post!


1. Chai & poetry 


Iced chai, little ice, in a hot cup (try it – it’s the best!) + the poetry section at Barnes & Noble = a wonderful pick-me-up.

2. Free Chipotle?!


Chipotle is one of my favorite things. Ever. Another one of my favorite things: When restaurant employees start to recognize me. A major perk: a free-for-no-reason (other than my being a frequent customer) burrito.

3. Half-birthday celebration!!




I adore birthday celebrations. And half-birthday celebrations. And celebrations for pretty much any other reason (or no reason). Kelly and I celebrated her half-birthday this week with cupcakes cut in half!

4. Love Day Indian food feast


I celebrated Love Day with some of my favorite food and friends. So great! 

5. Monies are in!

No photo for this one, but I am sooo excited that today is the deadline for trip funds. I am on the student leadership board for spiritual life at school, and I work directly with the student leaders of the spring break and summer study/service trips. It is a big feat for us to raise so much money – such a praise – and it bonds team members, so today being the final deadline to turn in funds is a joyous thing indeed.

My Week in
Ahem. I really slacked this week. AKA I “rested” every day except for Tuesday, when I did 4.76 miles on the elliptical. Hopefully I’ll make it to the gym tonight. 🙂

February 15 Joy Dare: A Gift in Losing, Finding, Making Something
Losing: At the places of desolation, I have – barebones truthfully – found God to be faithful, his love constant.
Finding: It is a beautiful thing to have your heart’s desires affirmed more and more as the years pass.
Making Something: Every Friday morning I send out a recap/announcements email to my student leaders, and the contentment that comes with seeing our strides forward is a gift to me.


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