When My Heart is Full with Thoughts


Sometimes when my heart is full, I write poetry and read it aloud and aloud. Sometimes it’s like an exhale, as my friend Sarah said.

Sometimes, like during these current days, I learn about “toxic fears” and think about having faith in God instead of in ‘what ifs.’ I find out that my fears are relational. Then I think about my relationships. And then when I pray for others, I find comfort in this: “. . . just trust [their] vulnerable, broken places to birth [them] into the presence of God” (Ann Voskamp). It’s having faith, I s’pose.

Sometimes I read that “acceptance is the ability to communicate value, worth and esteem to another person,” and I realize that that’s why acceptance and approval are two different things. (Thanks, Duane Elmer.)

Sometimes I get really excited about the beauty – wide-open, vast beauty as well as particular beauty – in the everyday. As Holly Grantham says, “It is in our everyday, run of the mill lives that the sacred is hidden. And so, it seems, we must become miners of mystery. There is majesty on the purple mountain tops, yes, but neither is splendor spared in the valleys.” I love that: I am a miner of mystery.

So I go on out and about my day, full-hearted, full of mystery, and full of thoughts. A good day indeed.


February 9 Joy Dare: 3 Surprise Gifts – Unexpected Grace!
1. Being able to sleep in
2. Being able to read a book of choice all day long
3. A free-for-no-reason Chipotle burrito

February 10 Joy Dare: 3 Times You Heard Laughter Today
1. In Starbucks
2. When I was honked at by friends
3. During roommate time

February 11 Joy Dare: 3 Gifts in Working
1. Kelly, a lovely coworker
2. Thorough, practically helpful team meetings
3. Fun grammar activity with my students: teamwork identifying and correcting comma splices, fragments, and fused sentences in Christian pick-up lines, pop music, etc. 🙂


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