When I High Five Friday

Today I am linking up with Lauren from From My Grey Desk for the weekly High Five for Friday post!


1. CrockPot Spinach Lasagna 




Thanks, Eat Live Run, for the recipe! The lasagna turned out so well and was so easy to make. Cheesetastic! Plus I have a ton of leftovers. Scoreeee.

2. All the best finds at Target



And then some.

3. French Tutoring 


I am now tutoring the sweetest girl alive in French grammar, and I’m loving it. Click on the above link to read my post about my first tutoring session!

4. CORE group

No photo for this one, unfortunately. This semester’s small group (with my church) started up on Wednesday, and we’re meeting at the most beautiful loft downtown with the most wonderful women. Wednesday was full of openness and prayer, and I loved it. So excited that I have the time to commit to going weekly this semester!

5. Skype with a dear friend 


Sarah and I went to camp together for a few years and then worked together this summer. She is the greatest!

My Week in Workouts

Saturday: Rest day
Sunday: 4.19 miles on the elliptical
Monday: 1-mile run & 30 minutes weightlifting
Tuesday: 30-minute yoga class
Wednesday: Rest day
Thursday: 30-minute yoga class
Friday: 1.5-mile run & 40 minutes weightlifting

February 8 Joy Dare: A Gift Broken, Fixed, Thrifted

Broken: My loft is still broken, but my bed is oh so comfy that it really hasn’t been a bother.
Fixed: I’m going to count “fixed” under the category of “cleaned.” I cleaned up some clutter around my room last night, and just knowing that everything has been organized and put in its proper place is an awesome feeling.
Thrifted: The chunky sweater I’m wearing today


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