When I Participate in the 2013 Valentine Blogging Party

Today I am linking up with Lauren, Casey, Nicole, Ashlee, and Alycia for the 2013 Valentine Blogging Party! Several weeks ago, hundreds of bloggers around the world sent their email addresses and URLs to Nicole at The Style Hatch in order to be randomly paired with another blogger; these pairs then exchanged Valentine’s Day gifts worth about $10-$15 in a fun effort at a get-to-know-new-blends (blogger friends). Ironically enough, I was paired up with my dear friend Kelly from Rainboots and Beef! Kelly and I work together and go to church together, so we see each other almost every day. So, though a little sad to not be able to get to know someone new through this event, we decided to rejoice over not having to use postage in order to exchange gifts. 🙂

Kelly, the doll that she is, collected a myriad of random items that she knew I would just love – and I do!



Kelly is moving soon and may or may not have been looking for people to give things away to, and I may or may not have put in a request for her copy of The Book of Common Prayer. Ta-da! I can get all liturgical now. She’s also had this elephant bookend in her office for the last two years (though it was very Rastafarian before she painted it white for me!), and I’ve loved it a heap – makes sense given my undying adoration of elephants. (No need to talk about the number of elephant decorations in my room.) She also passed along this little DIY Valentine’s Day-themed candle holder.


I love mugs and hot beverages like none other.


She went a little crazy on the themed confetti, which made my opening of her gifts all the more exciting. Here we have Cashmere Glow Body Lotion from Bath & Body Works, Aveda Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother (for your hair), and a little notepad with Psalm 103:5 (“He fills my life with good things”) written on the cover.


Last but not least – definitely not least since this one is my favorite!!! – an elephant bracelet! I love it so much I think I’ll use it as a keychain on my keys so that I’ll see it every day.

Thanks, Kelly!! And thank you, Lauren, Casey, Nicole, Ashlee, and Alycia, for putting this event together!
(You can check out Kelly’s post about my VBP gifts to her here. And be sure to check out Lauren’s, Casey’s, Nicole’s, Ashlee’s, and Alycia’s blogs – links in the first paragraph – for VBP post link-ups today.)


February 7 Joy Dare: A Gift at 11:30 AM, 2:30 PM, 6:30 PM

11:30 AM: Vanilla Spice Latte
2:30 PM: The humility that came from dipping into the phonetics of Old English
6:30 PM: Filling up the last few pages of my journal and getting excited about this


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