When Luci Shaw Considers Sacramentality

It’s a good day, a sleepy day. One of those days when you’ve gone to sleep too late because friendship is that good and then you’ve woken up five hours later for the longest day of your week, but it’s good. I made it to my early morning yoga class, made it to the office, made it to class, and I’m still making it. But it’s all been a little brushed with sleeplessness. Needless to say, I’m floating through the day and reflecting on various segments of thought. Like this one:

“Something sacramental speaks / in the rinsing of hard stone by mountain run-off.” -Luci Shaw

I’ve been interested in the title of her new book, Harvesting Fog, ever since I read a brief review of it last week. At first I was intrigued, for the word fog, the concept of fog, and the reality of fog are some of my favorite things. (And harvesting is a pretty great verb too.) Then I became fairly uninterested in the title, deciding that I didn’t like how she had smashed the two words together. Today I took a few moments to research the book and found this: the title comes from a practice in Lima, Peru, of getting water from nets soaked with fog. And this: “. . . Shaw uses the gathering of moisture from mist as the prevailing metaphor for writing poetry about seen and unseen realities.” That sounds beautiful. Needless to say, I’ll probably read the book.

So here I am, sleeplessly considering the sacramentality of nature. Whatever you’re considering, I hope you’ve had a full-in-a-good-sense day and that you, and me, get some sleep tonight.

February 5 Joy Dare: A Gift Stitched, Hammered, Woven
Stitched: My new favorite shirt from Target
Hammered: Well, this hasn’t happened yet, but I foresee the hammering/fixing of my bed sometime soon now! Maybe even tonight! (I’ve been sleeping on my mattress, which is on top of my futon, due to some issues with my bed’s previously lofted state.)
Woven: My favorite giant, cozy scarves – but today’s real gift is that I don’t need to wear one of them because it feels like springtime in February


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