When I High Five Friday

Today I am linking up with Lauren from From My Grey Desk for the weekly High Five for Friday post!


1. Roommate’s birthday!! 



I gathered some friends to celebrate my dear roommate’s birthday on Saturday via dinner and cupcakes!

2. Pickles at the movies!!



Phoebe and I accomplished a major (let me repeat: MAJOR) dream: buying and eating pickles at the local movie theater. However, in Phoebe’s words: “WORST PICKLE OF MY LIFE. It was watered daily from the Dead Sea. If I tossed it in a well it’d float from the sodium content.” AKA not the best pickle ever. Mine was even a little sour. Picklefail.

3. Springtime in January


Whaaaaaaat, glory (is all I have to say about that)

4. New desktop background


I’m all about new desktop backgrounds. Especially ones that are Southeast Asia at its finest.



Some other excellent things that happened this week:

  • One of my proudest and exciting teaching moments to date
  • The beginning of my weekly meetings with my student leaders
  • Walking around sans jacket and with bared toes one day, then bundled up with the thickest scarf I own several days later
  • Being asked to tutor French grammar

February 1 Joy Dare: 3 Gifts Red

1. My Bangkok, Thailand tumbler (always makes me cheery)
2. Red curry (I sense a theme going on here)
3. My frozen red rectangle of a vehicle named Ingrid, which has not died for a year now! Hooray!


I’m going to start posting “My Week in Workouts” on Fridays as well. I’m hoping that the accountability that will come from posting it will motivate me enough to accomplish my workout goals! 
My Week in Workouts:
Saturday: 4.26 miles on the elliptical
Sunday: rest
Monday: 40 minutes weightlifting (I planned on running too, but I had some strugs with the track, the treadmill, etc.)
Tuesday: unintended rest day (I planned on going to yoga, but due to lack of sleep and starting to not feel so great, I slept instead)
Wednesday: rest day
Thursday: unintended rest day (Again, I planned on going to yoga, but I was so exhausted that I slept in)
Friday: 1-mile run (still re-getting used to my Vibrams) & 40 minutes weightlifting


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